About Me

Hello. I call myself the Trail Explorer. I’m basically a flawed, value-based philosopher. I care deeply about people. While I probably haven’t met you, I care about you, and I hope you’re doing well.

Professionally, I’m a coach. A software developer. A software architect. A principal engineer. An agile change agent. A Release Train Engineer. A Site Reliability Engineer. I’m all and none of these things; a jack of all trades, and master of none.

Personally, I champion a fairer and more equal society. I’m a Green Party member. A plant-based and (mostly) wholefood eater. A have-a-go horticulturist. An occasional blogger. An even more occasional videographer.

I’m also a runner. Like many people, I started running to improve my fitness. That was back in 2016. I started with road running, where I learnt the basics, but it wasn’t long before I expanded to trail running. Out in the British countryside is where I developed a real passion for the sport. I would say I’m not just a trail runner, but a trail explorer. I use trail running as a vehicle to explore land, people, culture, my physical and mental capabilities, and my philosophy of life.

My only hope is that I can play a small part in inspiring you to find your trail, and delight in the process of exploring it.

The Trail Explorer


  • Baldock Beast – 3rd
  • Spine – 29th


  • Stevenage Half – 3rd
  • UTMB – 174th
  • WW100 – 1st
  • SDW100 – 5th
  • Camino Lea Valley 50km – 3rd
  • MK Marathon 3h Pacer
  • Arc of Attrition – 40th


  • Dragon’s Back – 69th
  • Val d’Aran by UTMB – 35th
  • Grand Trail du Saint Jacques by UTMB – 23rd
  • Hatfield Broad Oak 10k – 10th
  • Enigma Week at the Knees (7-in-7) – 1st, CR
  • Arc of Attrition – 31st


  • Escape from Meriden – 9th
  • Metropolis – 1st
  • Cotswold Way Century – 9th
  • UTMB CCC – 227th
  • SDW100 – 61st
  • Classic Quarter – 20th
  • North Downs Ridge 50k – 18th
  • Dusk ’til Dawn – 6th
  • Chiltern Challenge – 11th

Personal Bests