Travelling Locally

For the most part, we run locally. We grow to know our immediate area very well, and after a while it starts to feel “samey”. It can become hard to motivate ourselves to go for a run, and we long for expensive trips away to mix things up.

Of course, we all love to travel to far-flung locations: oh, to run on different terrain, see stunning scenery, experience another culture, sample unfamiliar food, and all whilst tragically “practising” a foreign language.

But before we book our tickets to the other side of the world, pack our bags and start worrying about the expense, the travel arrangements, dog kennels, emptying the fridge and offsetting our CO2 emissions; have we considered travelling locally?

2020 has been a year of largely local travelling for me, and I’ve discovered countless exciting terrains practically on my doorstep. All without the hassle, stress or cost that long-distance travel entails. One just needs to know where to look.

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