What happened when my talented ultranutter friend heard about the Alston Exhaustion

It’s been 19 days since I finished the Spine.

Recovery has been a nonlinear journey. Initially I felt fine. Then I felt hungry. Frankly, I haven’t stopped feeling hungry. I had a numb toe for a week. Tiredness set in, but has reduced in recent days.

There’s been nothing majorly wrong with me though. I ran for the first time after a week, when a friend recorded a casual ‘interview’ with me (it’s now on YouTube). I’m still working on my Spine blog post.

I’ve met up with quite a few mates since to recount tales from the adventure. One, a superb cook amongst many other qualities, offered to rustle up a celebratory meal for us. Plant-based cooking isn’t his usual fare, but as a fellow ultranutter he’s nothing if not adaptable. The result was something so remarkable, inspired and accomplished that it left me speechless.

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My Climate Impact 2023

Over the year, I found myself questioning how I could reduce my carbon footprint. I realised part of the answer would ultimately come down to personal accountability.

By holding myself accountable for my environmental impact, I hope to make more environmentally conscious decisions on a day-to-day basis.

To help hold myself to account, I took the decision to make public my climate impact each year. My report for 2023 follows.

Now, this is my first attempt at climate transparency. Some of the data I could source quite precisely, but some are necessarily based on incomplete records and best estimates. Where this is the case, I’ve marked “c.” for circa.

I see this as a journey rather than a destination. I hope to improve my reporting next year, along with reducing my total environmental impact. In effect, I would like to see the numbers moving ‘in the right direction’.


Private Car9,103 km
Car Sharec. 1,200 km
Busc. 400 km
Trainc. 5,400 km
Bike362 km
Foot6,207 km

While still modest, that 362km of cycling represents a significant percentage increase over previous years. It was mostly down to conscious decisions to leave the car at home, attach a pannier to the bike and make smaller, more frequent trips to the shops.

Bike79 km73 km362 km

International Travel

Countries 2 (France, Switzerland)
Journeys by Plane0 (0 km)
Journeys by Bus2 (c. 300 km)
Journeys by Train6 (c. 2,400 km)

There was a reduction in international travel from 2022, driven by a conscious decision to limit my number of international races, and focus instead on local races & training.

My aim is not to reduce international travel to zero, but simply to favour local where possible. When I do decide to travel, I will use low carbon forms of travel where at all feasible.

Using trains to travel to UTMB was far more expensive than flying, and took considerably longer. In terms of emissions, though, it meant the carbon footprint of my travel was a fraction of what it would otherwise have been. As an aside, it was also a far more interesting method of travel!

International Races1 21
International Transportation MethodPlanePlaneTrain
National Races (including League, Club, Parkruns, etc)192523


Homegrownc. 5%

This was year 2 growing some of my own food. In order of success, I harvested: courgettes, cucumbers, runner beans, beetroot, chillies, lettuces, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, brussels sprouts, perpetual spinach, kale and pak choi.

I phased out most Ultra Processed Food (UPF) this year, excepting contexts where choice is limited, such as restaurants.


Electricity3,698 kwh
% from renewable sources100%
Gas635 m³

Carbon Storage

Trees planted2

I’m transitioning to no-dig horticulture, to avoid unnecessarily releasing carbon from my soil, to improve soil quality, biodiversity and plant health.


Most of my food comes from Riverford, whose packaging is either collected for reuse, home composted or recycled.

Most non-laminated cardboard is recycled into compost.

I have phased out buying Tetrapaks.


I joined The Green Runners in November, as part of which I made the following pledges:

Prefer local races & training
Make almost all of my journeys by foot, bike, train, bus or carpool
Be proud of & publicise kit longevity/repair
Track and report my carbon footprint annually

I’ll leave you with a photo of my go-to trail shoes. 2,190km and counting; with a few battle scars, but still going strong!